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Registered Professional Counsellor 

‚Äčlet's put our hearts into your journey!  

What do you need 

to talk about?



Heather is invested in your success! 

Championing people throughout her life has brought a lot of satisfaction.

She has a heart for people, especially people in need of being  heard and affirmed.  

She is a strong ally, and happy to help!


Heather knows the importance and power of secure attachment.

Having navigated through various life challenges to feel secure in her own life; she cultivates an experience of safety and stability in session. 

 We've all been hurt.

Come experience safety and stability; a healing environment. 


Heather is open minded and open hearted and ready to help.

The counselling relationship makes space for you to become more fully alive, with a greater sense of self  and meaning! 


Are you ready to work together?

Let's get to it! 

What's your story?

Are you feeling a lost sense of self; overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy, perhaps angry and resentful? 

Do you want more out of life?

Are you emotionally wrung out?

sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you long for more meaning?

Perhaps a sense of depth? 

Do you wish for more energy to face the day? 

Do you hope for joy? 

Do you know calm and passion are possible but not how to access them? 


What is it that you want for your life? 

What do you want? 

Joy      Bliss     Peace  

Happiness       Action 

Emotional Stability 

Sense of Belonging 

Deep sense of Contentment 

Clear Thoughts 

Love       Connection 

What do you want?

we can work together to get it!